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Exotic birds make excellent pets, are colourful and highly entertaining, making cheerful companions. A pet bird is also good for you. Like most pets, owning and looking after a pet bird is good for your health, helping to lower blood pressure, lifting anxiety and depression. Spend time with your new companion, cement that relationship!

The larger birds, parrots, parakeets, macaws and lovebirds are highly intelligent and talkative and if kept singly will demand a lot of your time. They have a lifespan close to humans and will often live for 50 years and beyond, so when considering one of these larger birds, bear in mind you are making a real commitment of money, time, as well as love and care. All the larger exotic birds are also quite expensive to keep, are time consuming and need lots of cage space. They can be and often are, noisy, messy and so not for the houseproud.

If your work or other routines do not permit you the time to spend with your bird, then consider some of the smaller exotic birds such as canaries, budgerigars, or finches.

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